Stephanie Tschida, MS, LMFT


I am a Licensed Marriage an Family therapist, who has served individual clients, couples and families, assisting them with creating a sense of deeper joy and life satisfaction in their personal life, developing more loving and stronger relationships with others, and for families in transition, assisting the family as they prepare for change, move through change, or address ongoing concerns after change and transition.

I am passionate about the skills I have developed over the thirty-five years that I have been practicing as a therapist. Here is how I can help:

If you are seeking individual therapy due to feeling anxious and worried, depressed, a sense of emptiness or self doubt, and you are neglecting your own self care. I can help you:

  • Learn to live life with a sense of calm and positive expectation
  • Develop skills to ease feelings of anxiety, and fear
  • Diminish thoughts and emotions that keep you from what you desire
  • Help you identify and create what you desire most for yourself

In your relationships, if you are experiencing a sense of disconnection and loneliness, you are feeling misunderstood, and your attempts to communicate are not getting the outcomes that you want, I can help you and your partner:

  • Learn to communicate in ways that leads to greater emotional intimacy
  • Be more effective with solving problems and difficulties within your relationship
  • Share your feelings and respond within your relationship in a manner where you feel more understood and there is mutual understanding between the two of you

While in transition due to separation and/or divorce or after a divorce, I can help you:

  • Prepare for the process of change by anticipating what is ahead for yourself and your family
  • While in transition, develop new skills for communicating with your co-parent as you prepare to address the needs of your family
  • Assist you and your co-parent with making decisions that best support the needs of the family
  • Provide a healing reunification process if a child and a parent have become separated or disconnected

If what you have read interests you, I invite you to visit my website: You may call me at: 651-829-6608. I look forward to talking with you!

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