Mark Gemmell Psy D Lp

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is my firm belief that we tend to move always toward wholeness and growth quite naturally.  But many challenges and obstacles appear to stand in the way.  One habit that interferes is that of being woefully unforgiving and hard on ourselves and others, unable to let go of past failures and injuries.  And there is no question that some of life's challenges are overwhelming and involve events and forces that appear much greater than our ability to adapt to them.  And this might be true for a short while.  But there is help available to navigate through these difficult passages.    You are not alone.  For the past ten years I have assisted a variety of individuals, couples and families in working through some of these challenges toward the goal of greater happiness, effectiveness and resiliency, both in the individual and within relationships.

In addition I have specific experience in the areas of sexuality (including on-line addictions), men's issues, victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse.  Many of my clients have also been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Currently I am receiving advanced training toward formal certification in clinical hypnosis used primarily in stress and pain management.


The Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, Eagan, MN
PsyD, Clinical Psychology, 2005
MA, Clinical Psychology, 2003

The George Washington University, Washington, DC
MA Health Services Management and Policy, 1993

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